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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching in Ealing & Central London

Hello. Welcome to my website.

My name is Jo and I am a friendly and experienced psychotherapist and executive coach.  I use neuroscience and Neuro Longuistic Programming to inform my practice as we now know so much more about how talking and other psychosensory techniques help to change the brain.  From here, people can develop strategies to improve well being and potentially deal differently with the problems they want to solve.

  • As a Counsellor/Psychotherapist I deal with a wide variety of issues and I offer short term solution focused counselling and longer term psychotherapy.  Are you feeling stressed, anxious, low or depressed? Or are you low in self confidence, or dealing with overwhelming feelings like anger/irritation? Or are circumstances difficult right now e.g. bereavement, family or parenting issues, relationship/abuse issues? Maybe counselling could help if it feels difficult to cope.
  • As an Executive Coach & Career Coach, I've noticed in recent years that more people are more willing to consider coaching. Are you needing help with work? I can help with leadership, managing difficult people/teams, influencing others, career coaching and dealing with change, work related stress and resilience. I work in central London and West London/Ealing.
  • I offer counselling, psychotherapy, executive coaching from a comfortable private room in Ealing,(Northfields). This is suitable for W13, W5 , W4 & W7 postcodes. I also work on line.
  • I have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years which means I have a good idea of some of the pressures and challenges that exist today but I am also a working mum, carer, a partner, and parent of a teenager so I see a wide range of clients.




  • As a counsellor, psychotherapist, executive coach and career coach, I can see that recent world events have impacted most people and working through your issues with someone in a supportive space, can really help. Whether therapy or coaching, my aim is to help you work towards what you want and support you in a non-judgemental way.

    The attached 3 minute video is designed to give you a sense of me and what I do.


Examples of How I Help People


  • Enhancing well being, reducing anxiety, improving mood, anger management strategies
  • Helping with relationship challenges; parenting, emotional regulation
  • Building confidence and resilience especially during change or a stressful time
  • Finding a way foreword when feeling stuck or dealing with unwelcome habits
  • Supporting you through a life change e.g. a new baby, divorce, bereavement, IVF, redundancy
  • Executive Coaching - leadership and management skills, influencing skills or managing transition
  • Career or Life Coaching, to establish clarity, answer some big questions and find direction
  • Working through day to day problems/ challenges of life e.g. work, family

    Client testimonials- "I found Jo very open and friendly which helped me to relax. I looked forward to my appointments and each one felt beneficial and afforded me the time and skills to talk about my feelings. I now understand how my mind works, allowing me to be more balanced and identify what impacts me and why.”

    AND....for coaching....

    "I have massively benefited in terms of being able to problem solve and work through challenges associated with achieving success in complex organisations with multiple stakeholders."


About Me

  • West London/Ealing has been my home for over 20 years and I have learned to be a parent here too ! I have worked here with counselling clients since 2008 and coaching clients for 18 years. I spent my childhood, however, in Worcestershire in the West Midlands and as an adult I lived in Wales for a number of years.

  • In the corporate world I am known for running leadership programmes and supporting managers and leaders through coaching. I also held a number of senior positions in HR/Learning and Development, helping people and organisations find ways to change.


Next Steps


  • If you are thinking of counselling or psychotherapy, in Ealing/West London click on the Counselling page.
  • If you are thinking of career coaching or executive coaching, in Ealing/ West London/Central London have a look at the Executive Coaching page.
  • If you are not sure if you need coaching or counselling then give me a call to discuss. If you would like to be directed to some resources , please have a look at my blog for information and reading for parents, books on mental health, and some books for the corporate world too.

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